Our Mission

To help prepare our students for their future by providing the best education possible. We will do this by:

1) Endeavoring to graduate every student.

2) Delivering a college and career readiness education that will prepare our students to take their next step in life.

3) Offering our students opportunities to be involved in co-curricular, extracurricular and other social experiences that provide a balanced education.

Engage. Achieve. Contribute.

School Vision:

1) Our vision is to have every student join a club, sport, extra-curricular or co-curricular activity so that they have an engaging high school experience.

2) We want every student to know that they can achieve great things and that they can do difficult things and be successful. Do your best in everything you do at Mountain View, whether in the classroom, on stage or on the field.  

3) We want every student to contribute to the success of others and to add to the legacy of excellence that has come to define Mountain View High School.

School Values/ Beliefs:

  1. We Believe:
  2. There is a place for every student.
  3. We should focus on what we can control
  4. We can successfully do hard and difficult things.
  5. Everyone has a story.
  6. We are role models
  7. We instill hope and confidence
  8. As a community, we help all students succeed and learn at high levels.   

School-wide Goals:

1. We will endeavor to graduate every student.

2. Increase the amount of students taking college level and career readiness courses.

3. Increase the average student performance on the ACT.

4. Increase performance on the SAGE Assessment over the previous (benchmark) year.